Women’s Tour of Britain Stage 1 Bicester – Banbury

The Grand Depart of this years edition of the race will be in Oxfordshire, leaving from Bicester and finishing in Banbury. Stage 1 will be 147.6km in length.

There are 6 main points of interest on this course. 2 intermediate sprints, 3 queen of the mountains (QOM)s and of course the finish line. Any of these 6 POIs will make a great place to watch the race. Personally, I would stand at the top of Iron Down Hill and then try to make it to the finish before the Pros to watch them twice. Or you can stand at Sibford ferris, as the pros have a 30km course at the end that they’re going to do twice.

There are quite a few caravan sites nearby that you can stay at, but my recommendation is to find a layby and park there. Something like this…

This particular layby is a stone’s throw away from the sibford ferris QOM.

I’ve created a 45km loop from Sibford ferris, so if you decide to take your bike with you, then you can go for a ride and test yourself on the very climb that the pros will tackle, just make sure to leave plenty of time as the organisers will close the road to the public before the race, but you should still be able to cycle the road if it’s soon enough before the pros get there. The organisers haven’t released the timings of the stages yet.

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