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Women’s Tour of Britain Stage 3 Atherstone ITT

Stage 3 is a very exciting stage as it will be an individual time trial. Each rider will race against the clock over the 16.6km/10 mile course. The beauty of an individual time trial is that the riders will be setting off in 1 minute intervals and so there will be someone to watch every minute. The pros will cover the 10 mile course in around 20 minutes or so and it will be the first individual time trial after the UCI time trial women’s world championship, so the rainbow stripes will be on the newly-crowned world champion.

Women's Tour 2021 stage three route

For this course, you can stand wherever you want and you can’t really go wrong. I would try to be near the finish line to see the pros give their last efforts all the way to the line.

Here are your nearby Campervan parks!

And here’s a 35km route from Atherstone to the the Lea Marston purification lakes.


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