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Now with added Wifi & projector

Over the last few weeks I have been testing out the MaxView ROAM 4G/5G antenna and WIFI router system in Deets. I had been using a 4G MIFI dongle but found that the connection could be very unstable, especially when connected to my laptop. So on a recent trip to the Peak District I took along the supplied Antenna and Cellular router from MaxView ( to test if it made any difference.

The results were pretty impressive, I was parked on the west side of Holme Moss, in an area with good outdoor 4G coverage supplied by the Arqiva mast on the summit. However the router/outdoor antenna combination provided a 30% uplift on download and upload speeds on my MIFI dongle and most crucially a stable WIFI signal within the van. I happily worked from the van all day with inspiring views and scenery around me. Check out the insta post above. This convinced me that it was worth installing the system permanently into the van when Deets came back from her latest trip.

With the WIFI installed, it was also the opportunity to test out the PIQO projector system that I had bought on the recommendation from the lovely Aidan and Torissa at Happy Campers Co in Western Australia.

We took Deets into the New Forest to test out Movie Night under the stars. There was a little bit of faffing around to get enough 4G coverage to stream a movie (the Maxview Roam doubled the available throughput in a very poor coverage area) and then the realisation that some applications such as Disney + will not stream or screen mirror onto the version of Android that the PIQO projector runs. That however was the point of testing and in the end we opted to stream a Netflix movie, the choice of the ladies was Aquaman, I am not sure that choice was because of the cinematic qualities of the film!!. We had fun parked out in the forest watching a movie against the side of the van with the sound connected to a bluetooth speaker.

We have now added a white cloth projector screen that can be hung both inside and outside the van in multiple positions to create the perfect viewing platform for either cozy nights in the van or full blown outdoor movie. Also included are a bluetooth speaker, tripod, mini HDMI adapter/cable and lightning cable adapter to allow for a wired connection to the projector. We recommend connecting a usb battery pack if using the projector outside of the van to keep the projector battery topped up.

Included in the Projector Package.

We are now offering three packages as add-ons to the hire that can be added via the booking page.

  1. WIFI /3G/4G package which includes a data sim with 15GB of data per week (subject to available mobile coverage)
  2. Projector Package – The projector plus mini HDMI to HDMI cable + lightning adapter to connect to laptop/Apple devices. This will allow content to be shown via direct connection, (airplay/screen mirroring or direct streaming will not work)
  3. WIFI & Smart Projector Package. – This package enables all the features of the Smart Projector.
Working from Anywhere with the Maxview ROAM fitted.


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