Women’s Tour of Britain Stage 5 Colchester to Clacton

The penultimate stage of this year’s Tour of Britain will run for 95.5km from Colchester to Clacton.

Colchester will welcome the Women’s Tour, although the town’s notable links to cycling include hosting a Tour of Britain stage finish (2010) and four rounds of the Tour Series.

Meanwhile, Clacton will host its third stage finish in Women’s Tour history this year. Marianne Vos, the Women’s Tour first-ever champion, won along the seaside resort’s promenade during the inaugural 2014 event, before Belgian Jolien D’hoore triumphed there the following year.

From the above stage profile we can be safe in assuming that this is going to be a day for the Sprinters!

There are two opportunities for Queen of the Mountain points and two for the Sprint competition. This PDF timetable gives the approximate times that the riders will be passing and they tend to be pretty spot on. The route will pass the Finish Line twice making it an idea place to stand and watch. The fact that it’s on the coast, makes it even better!

There are a few car parks to leave Deets in, like the Hastings Car Park. From there, you can walk over to the finish line and watch the Sprinters fight it out to the line. And if the weather is good, you can’t go wrong with a fish and chips on the beach.

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