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Interested in a 2022 European van life trip for a bit of Winter Sun?

Would you be interested in heading south for the winter and taking Deets on a longer trip to seek out the Southern European sun? Experiencing van life for yourself, maybe a change of scenery and time to work from Campervan for a few weeks with our Europe wide capable wifi/4G system. If so, get inContinue reading “Interested in a 2022 European van life trip for a bit of Winter Sun?”

Now with added Wifi & projector

Over the last few weeks I have been testing out the MaxView ROAM 4G/5G antenna and WIFI router system in Deets. I had been using a 4G MIFI dongle but found that the connection could be very unstable, especially when connected to my laptop. So on a recent trip to the Peak District I tookContinue reading “Now with added Wifi & projector”

‘Deets’ Story

Deets is our 2015 Citroen Relay L3H3 Off-grid campervan converted in 2020. She is named after Dietlind Schirmer who built and converted her from a panel van into a luxury off-grid home to enable her new #vanlife as a photo/videographer and surfer. Dietlind documented each stage of the build of Deets on her YouTube channel,Continue reading “‘Deets’ Story”

Hire me for your adventure

Deets is available to hire on a daily, weekly or monthly basis through Quirky Campers. The booking page will show the pricing for the dates you select, including options such as firepit, bike rack, BBQ, hammock & even a paddleboard. All for the perfect off-grid getaway. To book Deets for your own adventure, visit ourContinue reading “Hire me for your adventure”