Women’s Tour of Britain Stage 6 Haverhill to Felixstowe

This year’s Women’s Tour champion will be crowned in Suffolk following a day of racing between Haverhill and Felixstowe (155 kilometres). A characteristic scenic route through the county will take the peloton past the Melford Hall stately home and through Sudbury before passing along the runaway at Wattisham Flying Station. The route also includes Stowmarket, Wickham Market and Woodbridge, all of which have featured in historic Women’s Tour stages in the county, before heading south towards the finish line adjacent to the beach in Felixstowe.

This stage was actually set to be a part of last year’s Women’s Tour prior to its postponement owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and was initially unveiled at the Port of Felixstowe in January 2020. Haverhill is new to the Women’s Tour while Felixstowe – which appeared in inaugural edition of the race seven years ago – will host its first stage finish.


As this is the last stage I would most definitely want to be at the finish line, but that doesn’t mean I want to miss the action earlier on in the stage, and so I would try and stand at either the first QOM or the first Sprint and then drive over to the finish to be there when the pros arrive and the Winner is crowned!

The Stage 6 timetable will give you a good idea of when the riders will be coming by. As this stage is quite long at 155km it is more than possible to get to the finish line before the riders do, so it’s definitely worth it!

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