Interested in a 2022 European van life trip for a bit of Winter Sun?

Would you be interested in heading south for the winter and taking Deets on a longer trip to seek out the Southern European sun? Experiencing van life for yourself, maybe a change of scenery and time to work from Campervan for a few weeks with our Europe wide capable wifi/4G system.

If so, get in touch, we can make Deets available for a longer term rental ideal for heading south.

One of the best things for a camper like Deets is to keep on moving, especially during the winter months and so for any long term booking during January, February & March we are offering special rates to keep her moving. For bookings over 3 weeks we can offer 30-35% discounts on the day/week rate. Longer bookings will attract a greater discount.

From our location near the New Forest on the south coast, it is a short drive to any one of the international ferry ports to the continent. Even before leaving the UK, the first decision is needed, do you head south & west, (take the ferry from Portsmouth or Plymouth to Northern Spain) or south & east (take the ferry from Portsmouth, Newhaven or Dover to France)

So what will it be? Ferry to Northern Spain and then a cross-country road trip to the Andalusian region on the southern Mediterranean coast or ferry to France and then head south to Mediterranean and along the Amalfi coastline to Southern Italy and Sicily or maybe off the beaten track to the ‘heel’ of Italy, or take your time and do the full coast either way.

If you are looking for inspiration for planning, I recommend taking a look at lifejourney4two website

For longer bookings Deets is currently available between 4th January & 16th March 2022.

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